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Tiffany Whitmore

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It’s true; I love marketing and geeking out on solid marketing work. I love a lot of other things too, like reading countless restaurant reviews to find a neighborhood gem, trying to beat my wife at gin rummy, mountain biking, local businesses doing good work, traveling, and nature.

I’ve spent a majority of my career in the tech-industry methodically building my experience from learning Twitter for business back in the mid-2000s to become a full-fledged marketing strategist. During the last seven years, I’ve stayed focused on driving marketing activities with analytics and graphic design that won’t put you to sleep.

My current work focuses on business consulting, marketing, branding, market research, and analysis of in-person and digital experiences.


April 13, 2019
Brand Strategy Deconstructed
Studio D
10:40 am  -  11:15 am