Tiffany is a content creator, event planner, and search engine optimizer. As a communications graduate of The University of Tennessee, Tiffany has spent a significant amount of time refining her voice and creating content that resonated with an array of people. With 6+ years of experience in brand management and digital marketing, Tiffany happily services blue collar business as an Account Manager for Spark Marketer here in Nashville. Her work focuses on creating content that helps businesses construct clear, recognizable branding and utilizing search engine optimization to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

Thriving on community and creativity, Tiffany is also the founder of two innovative tribes The Nashville Blogging Collective and Black Women in Creative Spaces. Living by the motto “your playing small does not serve the world” she lends her light to each of these groups in an effort to empower other creatives to live the passion-filled life of their dreams.


April 13, 2019
Synergy and Side Hustles: Making Everything You do Work for You
Studio D
2:45 pm  -  3:20 pm