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Marcus dePaula

Podcast Producer
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Marcus dePaula is a professional audio engineer based in Franklin, Tennessee who produces podcasts for multiple organizations, pulling from his ten years of experience as a touring concert sound engineer in the music industry for Clair Global, and five years installing professional recording studios in the Nashville area, along with five years of experience building more than 60 websites for various clients after “retiring” from touring. He loves how podcast production joins his first passion of audio with his more recent experience helping independent creatives and organizations build their online presence with better websites and digital content. Besides his podcast production business, Marcus and his wife Jenn also specialize in providing innovative content marketing and social media strategy for authors in the business they founded together in 2005, Mixtus Media.


April 13, 2019
The Most Common Audio Problems in Podcasts and How to Fix Them
Studio B
3:25 pm  -  4:00 pm