Mailynne Calvin headshot

Mailynne Calvin

Chief Operating Officer
Mailynne Calvin headshot
With a young start into the professional world, Mailynne spent many of her initial years working in corporations across the U.S. with a focus on internal and external communications, public relations, and marketing. While the corporate world provided great experience and some invaluable lessons, she never felt she was in the right working space until venturing out on her own to work with individual clients. For the past nine years, Mailynne has worked with small- to medium-sized business organizations and teams on anything related to operations, digital marketing, and web development. In 2010, Mailynne crossed paths with Bento CEO, Ricky Voltz through a mutual connection and began working together on web and digital marketing projects. Since that time, they have worked together in varying capacities, and now work collectively on the development and growth of the Bento Systems software product. Many things fall under the umbrella of “operations” for the Bento organization, but Mailynne knows the details matter and focuses on the best decisions for the company both short-term and long-term.

Mailynne enjoys working in the technology space and tends to be the more extroverted person on the team. Outside of work there is little downtime and mostly family time as she keeps up with her four daughters, husband, and extended family. 


April 13, 2019
Automation & Time Management: Connect your systems to get more done.
Design Room 1
4:05 pm  -  4:40 pm