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Laura Thomae Young

Laura Thomae Young headshot

Laura Thomae Young is a writer, workshop leader, and speaker. The idea for her book, blog, & podcast Adulting Like a Boss came after her return from living abroad for more than a decade and finding the upcoming generation of adults lacking the life skills needed for facing life head on as an adult.

With more than twenty years of experience working with teens, young adults and women through teaching, mentoring, and speaking, she knew the time was right to both meet the need of millennials and fulfill her own dream of finally writing a book! Her passion for teaching and connecting with young adults prompted her to seek an avenue to equip millennials for the grown-up world. Thus, Adulting Like a Boss was born, and the sequel, Adulting Like a Boss in the Workplace is still hatching!

Laura works full time as a corporate trainer in a healthcare company in Nashville. When she’s not writing, training, or speaking, you’ll find her hanging out with her writer/author husband, Steve, and their giant labradoodle, Val.  Check out the website:


April 13, 2019
Connect the Dots: Brainstorming Your Way to Writing Your Book!
Studio B
11:20 am  -  11:55 am