Carrie Jeffries

Founder and Head Redhead in Charge
Carrie Jeffries is the Founder and Head Redhead in Charge at Bold & Sassy Solutions. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur obsessed with helping entrepreneurs cut through clutter, crap and confusion so they can so they find hyper-clarity, unwavering confidence and the courage to massively scale their business to the next level and thrive in any market.
In her early years, after college and law school, Carrie excelled doing the regular job thing working with diverse industries from education to hospitality, retail and others. But, being an entrepreneur and rebel, she never really fit the norm and liked making her own rules. She hated being in the “job” box and daily grind, and got tired of building other people’s dreams instead of her own. So, she kicked that hustle to the curb and jumped head first back into the entrepreneurial world.
In 2005, she founded and built an eCommerce company, Success In Action International, which she grew into a thriving six-figures that spanned multiple marketplaces for over 10 years. Yet, despite its success and growth, she never really felt fulfilled with that deeper purpose of making a massive impact.
It became crystal clear it was not really her God-given purpose or mission. Though she had achieved great success, she was miserable and unfulfilled. Business had become such a mundane routine and just not fun. She knew there must be more and she was sick and tired of “living a less than life.” So…
She boldly decided to close her doors at the end of the year and walk away. After doing a ton of deep work, she founded Bold & Sassy Solutions which is devoted to provoking, inspiring and encouraging others to play bigger, never settle for less and live life on fire. Bold & Sassy has a single, clear mission: help 35+ professionals who are tired of the hustle, to bravely step out and build a business that fulfills their heart and mind, and makes other’s lives better.


April 13, 2019
Raise Your Game: Reinvent Yourself and Start Living a Life You Love…at any age!
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2:05 pm  -  2:40 pm