Angus and Samantha Nelson headhsot

Angus and Samantha Nelson

Angus and Samantha Nelson headhsot
Angus works with executives of the world’s largest companies as a speaker, coach, and facilitator. He’s spoken at corporate headquarters for Walmart, Whole Foods, Coke, BMW and others; hosts an Top 20 business podcast called, “Up In Your Business”; and has been featured on, Huffington Post, & VentureBeat. His book is called “Love’s Compass: How Do You Recover After a Lost Relationship”. 
Samantha is the founder of the family travel site, ThoseCrazyNelsons. She is also the creator of the local travel niche, Weekend Trips From Nashville. Samantha’s tourism photography has been featured by destinations and brands across the nation, and her travel writing can be found sprinkled across the internet. Samantha gets paid to travel, which is a certified superpower in her opinion.


April 13, 2019
How to connect with brands and monetize your platform
Studio B
10:00 am  -  10:35 am