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Andy Matthews

Founder and Editor
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I’ve been a senior software engineer and SEO team lead at Eventbrite for almost 5 years, but I used to work at Emma, Inc. I’m the founder and editor of Meeple Mountain, a board game media outlet with an international team of almost 30 contributors. We review board games, write humorous articles, and have lots of fun talking about the tabletop gaming industry. Meeple Mountain also runs Nashville’s most well known regular gaming event series, Nashville Game Night, and the wildly popular yearly event Nashville Tabletop Day.

I’m also a published author with 4 books on jQuery Mobile under my belt. You can also follow me on Twitter: @commadelimited, and @meeplemountain.


April 13, 2019
Build an Audience by Building a Team
Design Room 1
3:25 pm  -  4:00 pm