Sherry Smothermon-Short

Sherry Short

Sherry Smothermon-Short is the owner of Cub Scout Ideas, a blog that focuses on the very specific Cub Scouting niche. Her target audience is families with children in kindergarten through fifth grade.
Sherry founded Cub Scout Ideas in 2013 to share her experiences with the Cub Scouting community. Her blog’s reach has grown dramatically since then, and it is now recognized by the Boy Scouts of America as one of their 10 “favorite Scouting blogs you should follow.” Sherry also served as the Scouting Content Expert for The Spruce (formerly
She has been involved in Cub Scouting since 2009. During that time, she has served as a den leader for all of the Cub Scout ranks.  She served as her pack’s committee chairman for three years and volunteered as the director, program director or instructor for her local Cub Scout day camp for nine summers.
Previously, Sherry worked in the insurance industry for 17 years where she held positions ranging from corporate sales trainer to compliance manager. Sherry earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from the University of Tulsa.
Sherry lives in the Nashville area with her husband and two sons, Parker (a high school freshman) and Grant (a sixth-grader). When she isn’t volunteering for Parker’s wrestling team and Grant’s tennis team, Sherry is probably reading or watching a murder mystery.


April 21, 2018
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