Megha Bradley

Megha Bradley

Intuitive Life & Business Strategist

Megha Bradley is an Intuitive Life & Business Strategist and Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner. She helps healers, creatives and social entrepreneurs identify their unique path to fulfilling their life purpose by understanding their innate strengths, wisdom and how to embrace the power of their multi-faceted life story to create a distinct presence for themselves and inspire others with their journey. Her passion is helping people fall in love with themselves exactly as they are, instead of striving to fulfill external expectations of perfection.

Her own personal journey of reframing the story of her life and transcending limiting beliefs has come from her success in healing extensive childhood trauma, facing a NDE (near death experience) in 2014 and transforming numerous inherited, limiting beliefs provide the solid foundation for her clients’ deep work.

She brings her clients nearly 20 years of experience as a business owner ranging from a multi-site massage company, business process automation, social media strategy and software development management in the arena of behavior incentives.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she was in HR administration for companies such as Nokia, Bechtel and Texas Instruments.

She is a member of BNI (Business Networking International), Women’s Prosperity Network and FemCity. She’s also deeply committed to her path as a mom on the move with 4 and 7 year old boys.


April 21, 2018
Your Message On Purpose
Lecture Room 1
10:40 a.m.  -  11:10 a.m.