Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner


Jeff Turner is the guy people call when they have an idea but they need someone to figure out to make it real. A serial entrepreneur, his current endeavors are I.D. Management, a boutique design firm founded in 2010, and Vibe Room, a crowdfunded concert start up founded in 2014 based in Nashville and has a few other future projects in the works.

Jeff is the first to admit to not being an artist. He got his start in design as a small business owner who needed various things, but couldn’t find anyone who could fit his budget. So he taught himself. His approach to design is, in his words, “It’s the why not the what.” His firm utilizes people with high talent and low experience, so he is able to offer budget friendly designs while giving his employees the skills and business experience needed to begin their own design careers, either on their own as freelancers or as at a larger design firm.

Jeff’s done a little bit of everything and has lived a little bit of everywhere. He was born in Illinois, raised in Missouri, considers Dallas home, and now lives in Nashville.


April 21, 2018
Why No Is The Most Important Word You Can Use
Lecture Room 1
2:45 p.m.  -  3:15 p.m.