Adrienne Graves

Adrienne Graves


Adrienne Graves is an inspirational force of nature with a passion for love, truth, and
authenticity in all we create.

As a writer, speaker, and thought leader, Adrienne invites others to candidly explore
fresh perspectives relating to God and humanity by sharing personal stories in an
honest, authentic, and intentional way.

She recently moved from beautiful Colorado to creative Nashville to hone her writing
skills to share her story in book form.

With a background in theology, pastoral care, and Leadership Development, Adrienne
founded BEVY, a non-profit platform where women are invited to share their stories
shamelessly. BEVY joins women in authentic mentoring relationships based on their
unique lifestyle mentoring curriculum, equipping girls of all ages to live their most
revolutionary lives.

You can find Adrienne here:,, on
Facebook at AdrienneGraves, Writer, and on Instagram and Twitter at @adexoxox.


April 21, 2018
Be the Voice of Your Own Story
Design Room 2
11:20 a.m.  -  11:50 a.m.