Aaron Johnson

Aaron Yusef Johnson

Identity Architect

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Aaron Yusef Johnson has solved a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, exhibits exotic animals, and can chef up killer hot chicken.

On a weekly basis, he can be found helping people build things all over the city of Nashville while listening to audio books on his way to the next meeting. With over 10,000 hours in the field, as a master strategist and self proclaimed “Identity Architect,” he is called on to work in specific projects ranging from hi-level governmental to beginning non-profits.

He is a boutique strategy and brand consultant who regularly travels between Nashville and Chicago. He enjoys public speaking, ethnic reconciliation, identity architecture, exotic animals, modernist cuisine, and pastoral ministry.


April 21, 2018
Perspectives from Black Panther: A Compendium of Voices from Wakanda
Drawing Room 2
10:40 a.m.  -  11:10 a.m.