Raise Your Words

April 21, 2018
1:25 p.m.  -  1:55 p.m.
Studio D

I believe once you’ve found your voice you have an obligation to use that voice to empower others. To do so you must raise your words. Raise your words to reflect a higher caliber of humanity. Raise them to a tone that pierces through judgment on self and others, and instead honors the story. Raise them to create a dialogue of acceptance, compassion and empathy.

My background is in working with adolescent gang members and helping them discover their worth outside of crime. I succeeded in doing this by raising my words to manifest change by reclaiming their voice. In this session, attendees will learn how to raise their words to reclaim their own voices and empower others to reclaim theirs in order to manifest positive changes in all areas of life.

Session Hashtag: #CCN18Rise

Session Category :  Personal Growth / Inspiration