The Power of the Learner’s Voice

April 21, 2018
2:45 p.m.  -  3:15 p.m.
Drawing Room 2

Sponsors, approvers, subject matter experts, content developers – there are so many voices of authority throughout the process of developing an online or in-person learning experience. Most of them focus on all the “stuff” they feel learners need to know and do. However, where are the voices of the learners, and how significant are they? How can we ensure that the learning is “sticky” – that the takeaways are more than a perpetual click of the next button?

This session will explore how instructional designers, e-Learning developers, and other educational content developers can, and should, be an advocate for the voices of the learner. We will explore concepts from the Learning Experience Design (LXD) methodology as well as how we can bring the voice of the learner to life in our courses.

Session Hashtag: #CCN18Learning

Session Category :  Content Strategy