Permission Granted: Go from Stressed, Depressed & Stuck to Focused & On Fire

April 21, 2018
2:05 p.m.  -  2:35 p.m.
Design Room 2

This is not your average rah rah, “you can do it,” positive thinking pile of crapola. No B.S. No fluff n’ stuff … just simple, straightforward strategies for moving from stressed and stuck to fired up, fiercely confident and oh so fabulous!

This session is geared toward strong, powerful women who deeply desire to shift so you can break out, play bigger and make your dreams a serious reality. Whether you’re stuck in a passionless job, dreaming of doing your own thing, or bored, burnt out, and overworked in your business, or you’re already successful [on the outside], but are secretly unhappy, unfulfilled and dying on the inside wishing, dreaming that there’s got to be more to life than that … this is for you.

But … how the he%# do you make the shift when you don’t even have a clue where to start?

Discover how to rapidly elevate your life, your career, your business to the next level and turn your hopes, dreams and wishes into real results … NOW!  You’ll learn how to get hyper-clear, breakthrough roadblocks, embrace the power of negative thinking and seriously get your chutzpah on.

Two traits you MUST have to succeed at highest levels …
How to instantly breakthrough clutter …
The ONE strategy that will catapult your results in 30 days …
Why fearlessness is a facade & you must move toward your fear …
Three simple steps to propel yourself forward TODAY!

Sharing her journey with stories of the peaks, pits and mastering the pivot, Carrie Jeffries’  bold, brash, no B.S. style will provoke, inspire, encourage and get your rear into gear to raise your game, master your mental mojo and share your God-given genius because your mission matters.

Session Hashtag: #CCN18Mojo

Session Category :  Personal Growth / Inspiration