People Like Us: Creating Tension To Make Change

April 21, 2018
12:45 p.m.  -  1:15 p.m.
Design Room 1

Every company, product, and interaction exists to make change happen. The past two decades have been filled with change. Everything from technology, to politics, to social awareness is changing around us. The tension this change creates, along with our own internal narrative, or voice, influences how we adapt.

In People Like Us: Creating Tension To Make Change, I’ll walk you through the importance of:

– Choosing the group you seek to change

– Understanding the internal narrative

– Storytelling that connects with “people like us”

– Creating tension that leads to “yes”

You will learn how marketers create tension to influence a purchase decision and how you can use these same tools to create change around you. No matter what your job title, you have the opportunity to use your voice and create change. Come find out how to get started.

Session Hashtag: #CCN18PeopleLikeUs

Session Category :  Branding / Marketing