Nine Messages You Need to Know Before Publishing Your Content

April 21, 2018
4:05 p.m.  -  4:35 p.m.
Drawing Room 2

There are nine messages that we got as kids that motivate how our generation makes decisions. Our generation lives off of purpose and belonging. But in order to create belonging, we must build connection first.

As marketers and content creators, the dilemma strikes when we don’t know what motivates our audience in the first place.

We all received 1 of these 9 messages as kids.

1) It’s not okay to make mistakes.
2) You can’t have your own needs.
3) Your feelings don’t matter, move on.
4) You are too much to handle.
5) Don’t ever get comfortable.
6) Don’t trust yourself.
7) Don’t depend on anyone or anything.
8) You can’t trust anyone except yourself.
9) Don’t ever ruffle the status quo.

AND there are 9 responses to these messages that we can use to market & create content in order to build connection and trust to our audience.

1) You are good.
2) You are wanted.
3) You are loved just the way you are.
4) You are seen for who you are.
5) Your needs are not a problem.
6) You are safe.
7) You will be taken care of.
8) You will not be betrayed.
9) Your presence matters.

This is not a talk about how to become a therapist to everyone in your audience. This is a talk on how to clearly identify what you are trying to communicate to you audience. As creators, when we are writing, recording, speaking, you name it, we are often trying to say too many things or don’t know exactly what we are trying to say. This list will help identify in an explicitly clear way, what you are trying to say and to whom.

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