All Content is Visual: Dress the Part

April 21, 2018
3:25 p.m.  -  3:55 p.m.
Lecture Room 1

Your content is visual. It doesn’t matter that you have a podcast or that you’re a professional gamer. In this day of Google, social media, and insane amounts of information at our fingertips, we see you. Without you saying a word, we will have an immediate impression of you.

Your clothing communicates your preferences, your personality and your vibe. What you look like when you step into the spotlight is important, even if that spotlight is as simple as a social media post. First impressions matter. Period. I want to help you make the best one possible.

Unlike your ex, I do not want to change you. I want to know you. In fact, I want you to know you. Are you free-spirited? Conservative? Fearless? Allow what you’re wearing to boldly speak to all that you are. After all, like it or not, your style gives insight to who you are (and by default, your business) instantly!

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How to identify your “look.”
  • How to ensure your look speaks to your brand and business.
  • How to transition your look as your business transitions.

There is no true definition of professional dress. There is only dress that defines your profession. Make sure it defines who you are accurately. Let me help.

Session Hashtag: #CCN18Style

Session Category :  Personal Growth / Inspiration