About Us

Craft Content Nashville is the premier digital media “unconference” in the Mid South. Formerly known as PodCamp Nashville, the annual event is open to everyone interested in using online media to share ideas, hearing from industry leaders and fellow community members, and participating in discussions and demonstrations. We explore strategies and techniques used to share stories and engaging content through words, pictures, audio, video and beyond.

Attendees are welcome to get involved through volunteering, presenting an insightful session, or inspiring and leading community learning through active discussion and networking.

Why the name change?

During the promotional period for PodCamp Nashville 2014, Chris Brogan (the co-founder of the first PodCamp held in 2006) challenged the Nashville team to push PodCamp to the next generation of “unconference.” The name, while important to the history of the event, no longer accurately reflected the diversity of content offered through sessions.

After PCN14 had concluded, a design team went to work reimagining what a content-focused “unconference” should look like. Out of those nearly year-long meetings and planning sessions, Craft Content Nashville was born.

Building off its PodCamp roots, Craft Content Nashville now offers a fresh voice to engage an ever-evolving spectrum of digital content creators. In addition to the bloggers, educators, marketers and podcasters it previously attracted, Craft Content Nashville aims to inspire increased participation from video producers, graphic designers, photographers, developers, and all others who craft unique and innovative content that plays to our eyes, ears, and minds through the creative use of words, pictures and sound.

Have questions about the new name and changes to the format? Feel free to email us at info@craftcontentnashville.org. We’d be happy to address any concerns you may have.

What is an unconference?

While it’s an unusual term, the concept behind an unconference is not complicated. Craft Content Nashville continues to live by the following unconference “rules” established by its predecessor, PodCamp Nashville:

History of Craft Content Nashville

Craft Content’s predecessor, PodCamp Nashville, was adopted from the original PodCamp held in Boston in 2006, created by Christopher S. Penn and Chris Brogan.

Dave Delaney, Marcus Whitney and Kelly Stewart initiated the idea of bringing the unconference to the Music City in the winter of 2008. Both Dave and Marcus had a passion for podcasting and creating digital content. Dave started one of the first parenting podcasts in 2005, titled “Two Boobs and a Baby.” Marcus, meanwhile, hosted “Pro-PHP” in the early days of podcasting.

The first PodCamp Nashville was held at Cannery Ballroom on Feb. 9, 2008 as a forum for bloggers, marketers, educators, podcasters, and other content creators to gather, network and learn about the latest trends, tricks and technologies in the interactive world.

Out of town speakers included podcasting legend, C.C. Chapman, and best-selling author, Joseph Jaffee. An array of Nashville’s finest also took to the stage to share their knowledge on blogging, vlogging, SEO and much more.

In March 2009, PodCamp Nashville moved to Vanderbilt Owen Business School. The day was marked as a massive success, bringing hundreds of people together to share stories, tips and case studies about using the rapidly evolving tool known as social media and the real-time web.

In 2010, PodCamp Nashville moved to Cadillac Ranch (now Tequila Cowboy) on Lower Broadway, where it was held for three consecutive years. The event continued to grow and draw digital content creators and marketers of all levels of expertise before moving to Hotel Preston in 2013. The 2014 edition marked its debut at Nossi College of Art, a visually-stunning and inspiring 55,000-square foot campus located just off Ellington Parkway.

The same venue played host to the launch of a new era for the long-standing Nashville unconference in 2015 as the event was rebranded as Craft Content Nashville, expanding its focus to a wider range of content being created through an increasing variety of media in the digital space.

Nossi continues to be our host for our 2016 event and we’re thrilled to be returning to their facility on April 9.